Born and raised in Germany and Finland, Hanna has about 12 years of transmedia experience, and just came back to Germany from Los Angeles, USA, where she managed strategic digital marketing and functionality at BIRD, Inc. Working for a German TV channel already as a teen, Hanna got familiar with journalism early and extended her knowledge freelancing for media companies of all fields. Graduating from Munich University with a Master ("Magister") in Modern Literature and Advertising Psychology, she transitioned from media creation to the world of marketing media. As their Online Account Manager, Hanna helped to build up the profitable marketing and sales department of xStudy SE, a German online agency offering the now leading online student advisory search engines in Germany and Europe.
Today, Hanna is lucky enough to combine her passion with her profession: As an established manager of marketing and communications, she advises strategy and measures for medical practices as well as other brands and projects in the health sector. She also works as a nutritionist, anti-stress trainer, mental coach and Pilates instructur, and has developed marketing and sales for clients in software and lifestyle verticals, the fitness and health industry, the solar energy/photovoltaic industry and other verticals.

Legal Research and Writing